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OK, i made it to level 10, and i am Ceaern and my Legacy name will be Shan if the game allows it if not some other, i have used Shan for years. Jedi Knight Guardian (tank) with crew skills of Archaeology, Investigation and Artifice as my Crafting Skill. I chose the tank role because I am a noobie and wanted to be a supporter, and I don't feel comfortable yet wielding two sabres i have never done that in any of the SW games i have played. I will work on leveling up asap and in the meantime anyone is welcome to add me as a friend and call for help i may be able to give, just let me know. I will work hard and do my best for the Guild. Until i improve my skills i can be a walking target for the enemy

I did do the Lead Troops in Battle challenges and have been certified in that. Will get any other stats needed but they will be changing as i level up. Just heading into Coruscant (orignaly called Notron) now.

As for role what does DPS mean? i have not decided on this yet as I dont know enough about it to decide.

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