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Shana smiled when she was hugged by Hizuni and returned her hug just as happily as she did. She turned over at Kai, barely holding his gaze, she was very nervous to see him again, even though she had been eager to meet him once more.

"It was fine I guess, a little tiring. Pandora and I had to undergo a lot of training just to use the unison form correctly", Shana said and Ilya put a hand on her shoulder.

"Shana and Pandora may have given us an edge over the Alphabet Mages, a unison form boosts the magical power exponentially, taking it to new levels. And for a mage as powerful as Shana is, as all of you are too, this is particularly strong", Ilya said.

Captain Juno Aiko walked over to them to greet them as well. She addressed Hank first.

"Well, the commanding officers are all back. We did however lose some of the old gang. Commander Carrington... Terra made it perfectly clear that all those who wished to spend time with their families could do so, and return if they wished to carry on the fight. But, we have problems", Juno said.

Ilya walked over to Juno with her usual quizzical face. Juno hesitated to speak but ultimately knew she was with people she could trust.

"The Federation is in conflict right now from within. The Militia, which we all know is comprised of mostly non mages, is revolting around the "fact" that Mages get special treatment in the Federation, they are given more commodities. Which is actually not really that far from the truth but there is a reason behind that. From all the children in the federation only about 3% are mages. Every single child is exposed to a device to see if they can resonate with it, most children don't, so those who do, like you guys, are considered valuable. Not to mention we comprise the first line of defense for the Federation, but the militia feel they are cannon fodder. At least, Admiral Heiner is making them feel that way with his speeches", Juno said.

"So there is a probability that if we ask for help, the militia won't help us", Ilya said coldly.

"I'm afraid so", Juno said.

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