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"It was fine I guess, a little tiring. Pandora and I had to undergo a lot of training just to use the unison form correctly"

Kai was slightly curious about what this new unison form could do. He hoped it was enough to take on some of the enemy forces that they had fought before especally the two mages that they had last ran into. Not that he wasn't looking forward to fighting them again, he just thought that Shana should be allowed to have a shot at them as well.

Hizuni moved in front of Kai and smiled at Pandora and Shana. "It just wasn't the same without you here. Onii-san was driving me crazy since it seemed that I was the only one he was comfortable sparring with while you were gone."

Kai sighed and Hizuni laughed again. "Thanks to Onii-san I was able to pick up a few new techniques. I hope that I can show them to you soon."
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