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In the Forest of Trepidation, Underneath the City of Tener'ixal

Per'dra couldn't help but smile at the interaction between Vakarr and Emi. She was glad that both of them seemed to be looking out for one another, because in these dangerous times, no one could afford division in their ranks if they would make a stand against the Purge! Nevertheless, she admonished:

"Speaking of 'getting caught', I think we'd better hurry if we want to reach the Auris River before the Purge's soldiers get here. Hyah!" She gave a light slap to her horse's right flank, and the stallion reared slightly. Before anyone else could react, he sped further into the forest, carrying the Bard. The others followed behind as quickly as they could, trying not to become alarmed as they heard the sounds of the Forest of Trepidation preparing itself--Herself, according to the Dark Elves--for battle. Leaves rustled. Ravens cawed. Vines twisted themselves across the forest floor, coiling around tree roots in order to ensnare unwary travelers--such as they had once been. The trunks of several trees began to coat themselves with sticky and poisonous sap. Almost all of the bushes revealed sharp thorns that they only used when an herbivorous predator came along and tried to eat them. All was not well...
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