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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Mass Effect 3 by far it has depressed me to my core I cannot stomach another playthrough right now. 99% of this game is epic but the end is one of the worst ever in any game or movie...

ME2 had a great ending with lots of possibilties IMO

Those who put TSL but haven't played ME3 be prepared to change your vote...

Actually I think ME3īs ending in its whole crappiness ruined GAMING as a whole for me, I havent felt like playing anything since I finished ME3, and that was 2 weeks ago. In my opinion TSL is definetely rushed, but not as bad as this. NWN2 was totally horrid and bug ridden, but the thing that makes ME3 the worst is that it isnt (at least i dont think it is) a by product of a rushed release, it just makes absolutely no sense and is filled with plot holes the size of a star. Even on ME standards.

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