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At the top of the list in awesomeness...

Moribito Guardian of the Spirit 26 episodes of wonderful historic era anime Balsa the Spearwielder is one of the most interesting anime leading characters and there is Zero Ecchi, or harem antics or any of that stuff, i still hope for sequels to this as there are 10 novels in the manga series.

Code Geass I and II if you havent seen it you should

Full Metal Panic I, II and Fumoffu....a classic and a lot of fun more to come i hear but not soon

Black Lagoon - amazing

Sands of Destruction - a short series but a lot of fun, good story and fun plot

Omamori Himari - A unusual series set in Edo Period, early History, with many classic features from traddional folk lore, and fun characters, lots of fun.

Sengoku Basara - A really fun super hero Feudal Japan style series, over the top but really well done historically based fantasy, first season is dubbed, second season being dubbed.

Classic Series:

Inuyasha - over 150 eps of great anime and the ending has finally been made
Bleach - well, it is classic but i get tired of it off and on, up to 246 dubbed, over 300 in the series so far raw

Ruruni Kenshin - Classic samurai series, set in the early modern period, wonderfrul characters, main series and some movies that really plumb the depths.

Naruto - a kid who has special powers, semi magical mythical battling series, it has its moments and I have watched most of it, but frankly he gets very boring after 200 or so episodes.

Full Metal Alchemist - i am mentioning it because it is a classic but i hate it, it is flat, boring and the main story has a kid trapped in armor that is outright endless abuse. For those reasons i never reccomnd it, all the characters are cut form very unappealing visual molds and never get much better.

Fairy Tail - parody comedy of magical and heroic tales, wonderful story, if you can find the Animax dub it only goes to ep 56 or 57 now, but it is far better than the new Funimation Dub by is subbed but wonderful and a new classic

Eureka 7 - good and sci fi, remarkable art style, a good one

Xam'd Lost Memories - a Fine series with great story, good characters, a romance but NO ecchi or dumb stuff, and a good ending

Last Exile - Amazing sci fi alternative world with air ships galore series, there is a sequel Last Exile Fam Silver Wing ....this series is one of the very best of anime, it has a unique art style, and very good character design and story, it is an example of how good anime can be at its very best and the air ship battles and the overall ambiance of the story is superb and not to be missed. Even the case design of the original collectors series is fantastic, one of great beauty and impact. The Japanese are masters of the art of decor and surely some of the finest story tellers in any medium.

some space classics:

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor - wonderful, fun but older..the classic space captain gone horribly wrong but still good

Nadesico - fun space series

Divergence Eve and Misaki Chronicles - a remarkable space sci fi series, quite unusual and pls ignore the pans of it based on the physical characteristics of the female characters, americans are still closet puritans and incompetent to judge some aspects of anime.

Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars - Amazing future space series, one of the best ever and one that really shows aliens/androids in a new light

Meccha - yes i know there are too many and too much ..but Gundam X is the best i think, and Gundam Unicorn the OVAs is quite good so far, tho rather boring in parts..the romance is never well done in these

new series that are quite good:

Ano Natsu de Matteru - possibly one of the best series to come along in years, just ended, ending is , well disappointing, but the rest of the series is fantastic, and some of the best art yet.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari - A continuation of Tenchi Muyo and a lot of fun

Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai - quite good, school series

Usagi Drop - heartwarming series about a little girl and her foster father

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi - on the surface another harem school series set in the country but really well done and beautiful art

Brave 10 - a new epic somewhat similar to Samurai Champloo

Classics that should be seen:

Samurai Champloo - one of the best set in historic Feudal era, remarkable in many ways, the only bad part is the simply aweful beat music during the intro, fast forward and you are safe.

Princess Lover - a wonderful and beautifully done series, somewhat ecchi but not too bad, and really a modern classic

Mushi Shi - very odd and unusual and remarkable series, good one

Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop - both great older space series, comedies with a twist and quite good

High School of the Dead - a lot of ecchi but one of the best horror series out in a while and very powerful, very very good art

Kamichu - cute series about a young school girl who becomes a God, classic, and wonderful art and music, warms the heart.....

Tower of Druaga - I and II, a classic parody of the heoric tale, a really fun pair of series and well done great dubbing and a fine all around series.

Anime about Anime Culture -

Welcome to the NHK - the best series about the otaku and shut in culture and the role anime plays in it

Genshiken - about a university level anime club, classic and lots of fun, two seasons and some OVAs

Kujubiki Unbalance - an anime series within an anime series, it was a spin off from Genshiken but a classic series of its own.

as it may be apparent, i love anime and have been studying it in detail for years now, i am a Senior Fellow of the Anime Academy ...and will be happy to help you with any details or questions in PM or however.

Anime is a very interesting effort by a modern culture that has deep and sustained roots in folklore and native religions and a powerful national cultural mystique to deal with the pains and shallow nature of modern life. Anime was from the start, a way to escape from the salaryman's endless slavery to the great industrial machine and for the schoolkids who become fathers, mothers and drones of society too fast to keep alive the joy they found in school, lost romance and myth and legend.

Anime is I think one of the finest modern art forms and of endless variety and depth. It is far far far better than any western animation and continues to grow and evolve and show amazing faces of myth, majesty and awe. Avoid the clones of Disney like Miyasaki, and go for the Gold listed above. The names of the directors and producers and above all the writers who write the stories would not mean anything to most so i have left them out but they are legion and continue to appear and interestingly enough in our modern so called pluralistic society in the west, many of the great manga and anime writers are women. If you watch Usagi Drop you will have a glimpse of them for the authoress of that fine series wrote herself into it.

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