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Originally Posted by Dominus_Scotus View Post
im going to have to agree with alexrd on this one; how can you say the lightsaber is more powerful in tfu when it takes several hits to kill a stormtrooper or rebel soldier, and in JA those mobs are always one-hit kills?
I was playing TFU 2 the other day and one slash will kill a stormtrooper or rebel soldier. The difference in TFU and JA is in TFU the stormtrooper or rebel soldier keeps standing up if you keep slashing it when in JA the slash makes them fall imediately. But in TFU combined with the many combinations and the force lighting lightsaber swings are much more powerful. There is one combo that lets you slam the ground with your lightsaber and it sends the enemies flying. The lightsaber in TFU is much more fluid from slashing to blocking. In JA and JO there is sometimes when a stormtrooper is standing in front of me and I swing my lightsaber and miss him. That never happens in TFU.

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