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Ok i took both of yours advices..and spent time doing missions and leveling up, now at Level 16 and had an interesting evening, even managed to finish one of the Heroic missions rated a 4, Trouble in Deed, Luran Gonthor deed in his safe....actually i had not realilzed it was a Heroic Mission until i got to the entrance to the inner area and saw two level 16 droids and a guy with a high level and a star...and i realized... well, my companion and I fought our way thru and i ended up getting the deed back to Luran....and i got a cool new robe with a high armor count of it....

wow, it is fun when things go right.... never did get the two Datacrons i found too high up in the air...dont have a force leap that i can control yet...

my new robe...

and i got Kira a necklace and a cool new Wrench as thank you gifts..i know she liked them because she said something nice for a change

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