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I made some pasta several years ago, it tasted pretty good.

I was playing that game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you all have played it right? Anyway, I got to that part were you open a cube and talk to that weird alien dude in a crazy dream room. The dialog was all wrong, though. He started saying poo poo like "They never loved you." and "It was your fault." Then I was transported into a room that was entirely black. No matter which direction I looked I could only see darkness. Then that alien guy walked out. I was pretty goddamn scared at this point. He explained that he was actually the pet lizard of some kid who played the game before. Apparently the lizard died because the kid was playing the game so much. He also told me that he wanted vengeance on the kid, but he seemed to think that I was the kid. I wasn't! I've never even had a pet! I tried to explain that to him, but then it turned out just forgot to install a patch and it was really normal and not supernatural in any way

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