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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I wish they gave us a force power like in Jedi Academy but i guess this demands other things.
You don't need no Jedi tricks to get the datacrons on Coruscant. You do have to have persistence and patience. I got them with my smuggler and my trooper, it isn't always easy, but that is kind of the point.

I will say this, these are easier to get either coming back after you finish the planet or doing when it time to go to the next planet. I know with my smuggler I kept falling into the same mob while jumping pipe to pipe, must have had to kill that same mob like 4 times. My tropper, lynk was wait on my, so I skipped the datacron and came back for it later. Way over leveled, so the mob did not attack and once they did they were 1 hit kills.

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