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They already announce each star wars film would be released in 3-D at the movie theaters. They said it would be released in order from I-VI with one movie released each year. They haven't released a month or day for episode II in 3-D. They have said it will be in 2013. I will be there to watch all 6 films in 3-D. I watched episode I once in 3-D. I plan to watch the other ones more than once since there is little chance of my family saving enough money for a 3-D TV and 3-D blu-ray dvd player. I do have the 2004 original trilogy version on DVD plus the set that had the original version that came out in 2006. I have the complete star wars blu-ray collection. Star Wars on the big screen is totally different than watching at home. I will watch it everytime they show it on theater. At least there are finally moving the Star Wars Where Science meets Imagination exhibit to Indianapolis. It only takes a hour to get to the Indiana State Musuem.

Would be nice if they released a Star Wars Battlefront 3 for PS3 in 2013 and had Star Wars Celebration VII at Indy for 2013? That would be a great year for star wars for me!

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