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Whatever happens, the next JK game will NOT be like Force Unleashed. I've played both FU games on the PC (yeah,that acronym never gets old) and while it may be fun for what it is, it's NOTHING like the JK series.

The JK series has always been about a combination of force, sabers (that aren't just button mashing), and other weapons, and a combination of engaging single player and robust multiplayer. Additionally it has both first and third person perspectives. That's the direction of the series since 1997 with Dark Forces II. Anything less and I just can't accept it as part of the series, whatever else might be different. Another part of the series has been the ability to edit and create mods. Not the most important, but a big part of it for many of us. You don't get that with console games.

The Force physics in TFU/2 is pretty nifty. I'm sure if that were part of the JK series, people would appreciate it. However the rest of the game would need to be completely different. If it were a button mashing linear console game, it just wouldn't do it.

Obi-Wan, ROTS, Force Unleashed are Jedi games that have come out in the last decade, but none of them are really connected with the JK series. So I look forward to such time, when they create a true successor.

As others have said every time we're discussing a sequel, the new game, at minimum, has to do what the previous game in the series did, only better.

One other thing... in JK2 and JA, it's true the saber didn't usually kill enemies in 1 hit on default settings, however there was always an option for "realistic" saber damage, such that the sabers cut down enemies in 1-2 hits (not just with certain power moves) and dismembered them. Since that was there, nobody ever complained, really. If the game forces the saber to act like a nerf bat, and requires you to use combos with every attack (anyone remember "Jedi Power Battles"?) it gets annoying and starts to lose that Star Wars feeling and that JK feeling. All considered, the JK games have a staying power that goes beyond a single player campaign or a fun weekend rental of a few rounds of multiplayer. That's why the next JK game has a great legacy to follow and big shoes to fill.

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