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((OOC: Forgive the haste, I'm not in the best of moods. That, of course, is an understatement - when you're being spun around in circles with lies of lies by someone you thought actually cared about you.))

His serenity was interrupted by the shifting of the forest. Rising to his feet, he saw two Purge soldiers walking into the clearing. Scouts no doubt. Here to recon the area and report back to the others. Killing them will grant himself and the others a few more minutes - but after so long, the Purge will know something is amiss.

"Hey! You! Halt!", one of them said.

Tael walked towards the two. They grabbed their crossbows and pointed them at Tael.

"Don't move any closer, Tael.", the other said.

Tael kept walking, not heeding their warnings. They both fired their arrows, both missing. Now running at them, he grabbed the first scout's crossbow and yanked it to the ground. He clenched his right fist and broke the scout's nose. He unsheathed one of his swords, and overhead chopped the other scout- the scout using his crossbow to block the attack. The blade cut through most of the crossbow, and the scout kicked Tael in the shin. Not losing balance, he pulled the sword, and jabbed it into the scout's stomach. He pulled it out, and proceeded to grab both bodies. He pulled them to the lake's edge, and threw them into the water.

Now he realized he had to leave. NOW. Running back to Tener'ixal, he noticed the others leaving on horseback. Jumping onto one of the stallions, he hit its right flank and it reared. It then galloped, following the others through the forest.

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