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KOTOR 2 Storyline questions [SPOILERS]

Vrook to Exile on Dantooine:

"Somehow they [the Sith] have learned their hunger from you"

But I thought that they had learned all this from the Sith teachings in the Trayus Academy? Why does Vrook think that the Exile educated the Sith in feeding on the Force from others?

And I think the Masters tried to cut the Exile from the Force on Dantooine because they feared that if he fell to the Dark side, he too will become like Nihilius in order to satisfy his hunger. Am I right?

Another thing I want to understand is, Nihilius learned to feed on other Force sensitives from the Sith teachings, but where did the Exile learn to do this? The Masters call him the "Death of the Force" even though he has not caused any harm. The Exile simply motivates others to stand with him and fight alongside him. He influences their decisions but where does he *FEED* on others?

Another thing, why doesn't the Exile die when he kills Kreia at the Trayus Core? They have a strong force bond between them, don't they?

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