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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Vrook to Exile on Dantooine:

"Somehow they [the Sith] have learned their hunger from you"

But I thought that they had learned all this from the Sith teachings in the Trayus Academy? Why does Vrook think that the Exile educated the Sith in feeding on the Force from others?
Because that is the simple answer. They don't know about Nihlius, only about the general Sith threat, and so they blame the one person who can do what they think is causing the problem.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Another thing, why doesn't the Exile die when he kills Kreia at the Trayus Core? They have a strong force bond between them, don't they?
At that point, it is more like they did. Though the game does make mention of the idea that, if severed, it would kill them both. But when it is, it is either that it was severed because it was no longer between the same people(i.e between Kreia and the Exile), or because it was a bond, inevitably, between teacher and student, so when she says "I will teach you no longer. Our bond remains, but that is all." The bond likely breaks with the utterance of that first part, and the second is a lie(as Kreia is known to do), though it is possible she would not have known about it.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Why is the Exile the only one who can kill Nihilius in a straight up fight?

The Jedi Masters cut the Exile off from the force because they fear that she might fall to the Dark side and become like Nihilius. But why would the Exile fall to the Dark side? She worked tirelessly and moved from planet to planet to save the Jedi Masters. If she would have been Dark sided, wouldn't she have killed the Jedi Masters?
They view the Exile's and Nihilus's power in a simplistic manner, and so they believed them the same. But there is a big difference between the two, the most obvious being that Nihilus knows full well that he is doing this, and that he needs to, while the Exile might have some idea, at no point in the game does he/she ever mention needing to feed of someone else. Beyond the Jedi masters in a DS play-through, anyone you do feed off of, you aren't taking enough to drain them completely.

Though as to why it is only the Exile that can deal with Nihilus? Any other Jedi, he would have drained and it would be done. But with the Exile, having so similar a power, trying to drain the Exile is like trying to drink water from a bowl that is full of holes - it isn't going to work. And since he came to Telos to feed, he is already weak. Then he tries to feed on the exile, which doesn't work, which might be why that fight is so easy.

But in truth, the whole idea of killing to increase strength? A bit of satire on how the game engine itself works. The main source of experience obviously comes from killing enemies, the same way the exile apparently gains experience.

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