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As for TSL: Good concept, incomplete game, lackadaisical execution, rushed ending. I don't understand all the hate, some of it maybe, but not all. And I didn't like how it made Revan out to have been a god more or less. It is not the worst I have seen, though.

BTW, don't knock SMB. It's one of the better games for the NES and most games for that era had similar endings.

Twisted Metal 3. Hard game, for a reward that wasn't quite worth it. All the endings were suck-ish. Understandably it's about dark humor: that's kind of the point to the storylines of EVERY TM. Unfortunately in TM3, EVERY stinkin' ending made a *mockery* of whatever character you chose. There is no irony, and the absurdity is overblown like a really bad fairytale. It isn't really as funny as its predecessors. Who the **** wrote this game's storylines for the characters anyways? It has about 14 different endings. Some are sort of funny but the rest just suck.

So far as a game:
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rant over

TL;DR: I suppose TM3 as a game has its place and perhaps had good ideas, but it came up lacking in execution overall and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to play it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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