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((Yes, I was the one that allowed Warlord664 to join. He's shaking things up already, I see! Please welcome him to the world of Sazhen' and "Purge". LDR, my sympathies for what you're going through. No rush, and no worries.))

In the Forest of Trepidation

The Bard had never driven a horse so hard in her entire life, especially one as well-bred and swift as her stallion! She absolutely hated what she was doing to him, but she knew that if she even slowed for a moment, she would be lost. The Forest of Trepidation rushed by in a blur all around her, and the only sounds she could hear were the pounding of steeds' hooves. The others were certainly following her--or, at least, she hoped and prayed that they were. If not, then who knew how far the soldiers of the Purge were behind them? The Forest of Trepidation was certainly preparing itself for battle, or Herself as the Dark Elves said. Hopefully, the armaments of Nature would not turn against them...

"There!", she cried, pointing. "Up ahead, there's a riverbank!" She inhaled deeply, and the slight scent of minerals was surprisingly intense. "Follow it!" The rush of water roared commandingly as Per'dra turned right.
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