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The rain continued to pour down as Xalek rode his black horse through the forest. Acording to rumors there was supposed to be old retired mage living around this part of the woods. Why anyone would want to live out in a forest he never knew. That old mage better have what i'm looking for. He thought to himself. If he doesn't there won't be much left of him.

As he was thinking to himself he came across a small cottage. "This had better be the place." He said outloud. He rode his horse up to the cottage door and dismounted. The door was locked so he used his knife to pick the lock, it was a very simple lock so he opened the door with no trouble. As Xalek walked in he saw a large fireball blasting towards him. He ducked out the way pulling out his crossbow and firing back at the mage.

The mage deflected the arrow with his staff and started to charge up another spell. Xalek just raised one of his gloved hands in front of him. The mage shot a blast of energy towards Xalek. Xaleks glove absorbed the magic and blasted it back towards the mage blasting him across the room landing on a table. Xalek ran towards him and grabed the mage by the collar of his robe shoving his knife an inch away from his neck.

The mage cried out. "Please! Don't kill me! I'll give you whatever you want, just let me go!" Xalek smiled. "Giving up all ready old man?" Xalek asked mockingly. "I would have thought you would prove to be more of a challenge, pity.." The mage winced as the knife moved even closer to his neck. "Please! I'll do anything you want, just let me live!" The man begged.

Xalek just stood there for a moment letting the fear spread through the mage. "Some late friends of yours said you have something I need, the Eagles Eye. It's said to be able to see anything the wielder wishs, give it to me and I might consider letting you live the last few years of your pathetic life."

The mage never taking his eyes of the kinfe at his throat answered "You want that old orb? Why didn't you say so to begin with? Just let me get it for you." Xalek pulled his knife away from the mans neck. "Oh and no funny business, remember I will have a cross bow pointed at your back." Xalek said.

The mage got up and walked to a cabinet and opened it pulling an orb out. "Here it is." The mage said. "The Eagles Eye. Now take it and leave." Xalek snatched the orb and started walking towards the door. Just before he reached it he heard the crackling of lightning behind him. He quickly droped to the ground.

Just as he did he saw a bolt of lightning fly above him. Xalek spun around on the floor shooting a crossbow bolt towards the mage. Xalek heard the mages screech of pain and saw him tumble to the floor. Xalek picked himself up and walked outside. "Ah, the eagles eye. This will make finding the little dark elf alot easier." He said to himself. "Show me the dark elf called Tegan." As Xalek spoke the orb swirled with magic revealing image of Tegan riding a stallion through a forest.

"It appears to be the home of the dark elves, I could be wrong but seeing as shes a dark elf herself It would make sense. But where is she headed I wonder? We shall see soon enough." After that Xalek remounted and started towards the home of the dark elves.

Lets rock and role play!

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