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TOR ate my KotOR
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It was no problem and the reason it was so easy had nothing to do with skill. I even messed up in the fight, but it was not noticeable because I was so over leveled. Ratdog jumped on me during the fight and I healed myself instead of you, so instead of just healing you I decided to attack. The quick death had nothing to do with me being more skilled and everything with me having a max level character.

From what I’ve seen from Lynk and Mav, when playing as a Tank you really do have to pay attention to the technical side. I will say the only way to do that as a Tank is get into groups as much as possible. Don’t make my mistake and play the entire story part of the game without actually learning how to correctly play your class. I played the entire game as a DPS player in a Healers body. All it did was make the game more difficult and did not help me learn my role in groups. I would have been way better off playing the game DPS and then switching to healer when I got to level 50, since I did nothing that taught me to correctly play as healer in a group while soloing the game.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. That is what guild mates are for. I had to have Mav and Lynk rescue me from a couple of nasty characters in one fight. Had another one that gave me a problem later in the game that I was unable to kill until I was a couple levels above the boss. Luckily it was a bonus mission, so I just went to the next planet and came back to it later. I didn’t ask for help with that one because I was just too stupid and hardheaded to ask for help.
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