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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, registered just yesterday night, so please, forgive me if i ask a ridiculous questions that's answers maybe obvious for you. Also i'm Russian, so English language are not my native, so please, forgive seems imminent grammar and stylistics mistakes in my messages here.

Well, and i have couple of questions that may be ridiculous and even annoying for some of you (who likes when somebody stabs on our common sore spot...) ... but let me explain something at once. Same as most of you i'm fan of X-wing: Alliance (and predecessor games like Star Wars: X-wing, Star Wars: Tie-fighter, and XvT) and same as many of you been awaiting for new full Star Wars flight simulator for more than decade. I assume nobody will state that Rogue Squadron, Starfighter/Jedi Starfighter, and especially TOR (with there's "flight on rails" a la Rebel Assault) are flight simulators... there's level of gameplay that can be described as arcade, "press space to win", and not even close to X-wing: Alliance with it's relatively detailed starfighter's systems controls, damages and free flight space. But because of some reasons (that we may know or suppose) Lucasarts ceased Star Wars flight simulators games series... at least there's no news about a new simulator that's being in developing process for release in future. So everything that was done in last decade was up to fans... you know it.

1. Is here a topic with discuss about a new Star Wars full flight simulator? Sorry, it is maybe here on this forum somewhere, but i can find it by myself...
2. If here's no of such of topic, what do you think about to create it and discuss... maybe just a dream about it? How will it look? Which new features will it have? How singleplayer and multiplayer will look and what can be realized for balance issues?

Sorry if i said something wrong... and hope for your answer.

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