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Cmdr. Cracken, Hi. Glad to meet twin soul here... and so fast.

Thank you for your answer, and, yes, you are very right. Situation over modern flight simulators looks really sad. Same as you in the USA we here also have only couple of modern complex flight sims, like Lock On series, for example (i don't know did you heard of it or not...).

Well, i understand, it may look like i switched on "Napoleon mode"... but what if to don't give up? Yes, the only thing i can do is to agree with you about Lucasarts has taken a different direction. Our good old Star Wars, where exactly those "guy in orange flight suit in cockpit of X-wing" was our hero, eventually starts to turn into shameful "fantasy alike" Saberfighting Wars where everything depends on those jumping guys with colored shining sticks. Fans of younger generation cannot understand why there's in Original Trilogy so few of fights on lightsabers and so many of space fights and blaster fire...

Yes, i know about fans disappointment about "death" of Star Wars flight simulators. But what if we just asked Lucasarts before in wrong way? Do you remember those immortal rule of power: "When you ask somebody to do something, never call for their conscience and charity, call for their benefit!"? That's why i offer to start a discuss among fans and develop a complete detailed concept of a new Star Wars flight simulator that should have commercial success and will be as long-played as X-wing Alliance that we have now? We everybody know XWA was released in 1999 and still played by thousands of Star Wars fans around the World. More, this game among other video games of Star Wars setting has absolute record on number of fan works, upgrades and activities, we just need to show it to Lucasarts in right way! If we develop such of potentially successful Star Wars flight simulator concept and then just... take it to Lucasarts as a gift (just send them on e-mail, for example)... for free, would it be ever best petition that we can take them? I don't think they should just drop it in garbage bin. More, maybe we even should be able to invite somebody from Lucasarts to join the discuss?

I also have some of ideas how those "Star Wars flight simulator" must look to be interesting for wide specter of players (not just for hardcore X-wing Alliance pilots) and ready to start post this ideas right here or in a new topic. Somebody (maybe even you) can offer something else, we will discuss and finally collectively we will be able to create those concept that may be interesting for Lucasarts.

What do you think?

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