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Wildstar, Edlib, Rogue15, Keyan Farlander, K_Kinnison, Hi. Glad too meet you all!

Oh, i even don't know how to answer to each of you and don't write another "ten pages poem"... so i'll try to be short. I think you'll understand what i'm talking about, we here discuss about familiar problem for everyone of us after all.

Wildstar, yes, i watch very carefully about progress of XWAU project, and i'm in awe about it. Recent Super Star Destroyer are just unmatched even on screenshots, and i can imagine how would it look in the game. Guys from XWAU project doing really great and outstanding job, they accelerated XWA's engine to maximum, i can even say "squeezed all the juices" from it, took new life to the game itself! And those Clone Wars Campaign, Tie-fighter Total Conversion... it caught my breath when i see it! But don't you think it's a little not enough because of limits of software engine itself? Some of very interesting ideas and advances are absolutely impossible to be realized on XWA software engine, you know it. For example nobody will never create there module and partially destroyable space objects (well, except of turrets), falling apart capital ships, detailed ingame upgrades of your own fighter and many other interesting and necessary things.

Actually there's no need to design something revolutionary in those new hypothetical "Star Wars: Flight Simulator", better left basic flight model of X-wing Alliance without any changes. But general improvements of possibilities of software engine itself and addition of some of features are very necessary.

Keyan Farlander, K_Kinnison and Edlib, is it Ok if i would answer you all?

As you possibly know, modern FPS games that's being released for all PC, XBox 360 and PS3 are played separately. There's too different possibilities of controls to let play PC and console owners all together in same lobby. In Call of Duty game series if one of players uses mouse+keyboard and another one uses joystick/gamepad, then that one who is with joystick/gamepad has no chances against that one who is with keyboard+mouse. Too different possibilities of control. There's no one deathmatch video game exist yet where mixed gameplay is possible (at least i know no one).

In our hypothetical "Star Wars: Flight Simulator" there will be possibility to create mixed skirmishes between PC, XBox 360 and PS3 players, because of joystick/gamepad users would have no of controls disadvantages (they would have advantages sooner) in comparison to PC pilots who uses keyboard and finally classic joystick too. If to speak about revolutionary ideas... isn't it revolutionary to create such of deathmatch game that is one for all platforms (or compatible)? You can to don't agree with me, but i think such of game can even "push aside" a little such of "monsters of gameplay" like Call of Duty and Battlefield (and other "Kill a Russian, get $10" games, lol). We just need to revive gamers concern to starfighters thematics and then new generation of Star Wars pilots will born. Everything that Lucasarts need to remember is to keep balance between arcade gaming and detailed flight simulator (that's impossible in Star Wars because of it's SciFi after all), where X-wing Alliance is ideal example of those balance. Yes, yes, it's not just a stupid arcade for 3 years old kids, so keep an eye on your shields and laser cannons, don't forget to recharge it... and forget about idea to attack those Star Destroyer on your X-wing, or there's gunners will die by awful death... from laugh. This is only one idea, actually i have more and can report about it in details, in spite of it's all exist as raw and pretty chaotic ideas yet.

Rogue15, maybe you even had to shot down me there in those good old days...

In a trillion years,
the stars will no longer shine
But we'll remain, get it right
and come back again... BT

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