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Cmdr. Cracken, yes, i agree about difficulties of tactics controls (commands to wingmen or scripts options), but i can't agree about gamepad controls of starfighter itself. In space flight simulator controls there are very different from FPS and RTS games, where you have to use keyboard+mouse. In X-wing Alliance we have to use joystick+keyboard that makes this game much closer to "console style" controls. Starfighter fly with relatively same speed so gamepads has more than enough of buttons for complete and effective controls of all systems. More, i think console players will even have some of advantages on PC players... but, of cause, only practice can show is it possible to realize cross platform battles or not. And, of cause, there's always possible to use keyboards with consoles of modern generation, many of people uses it instead of gamepads.

But actually it's not critical. I think much more important in new Star Wars: Flight Simulator is to realize detailed starfighter's systems upgrades in singleplayer and especially in multiplayer. And even more important, i can even say "true key to success" is open configuration with possibility for addons and mission/campaign editor with own script language, like it was done in games series Operation Flashpoint / Armed Assault / ArmA2.

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