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After a long journey Chief Karra and Luna finally made it to the citadel. It was quite different from what Luna recalled. It was only natural after what happened with Sovereing.

The asari councilor was waiting in the shuttle bay. Followed by three Asari commandos. Luna had not met the councilor formally so she saluted the councilor. Chief Karra stood beside both Luna and Councilor Tevos. Luna could tell the councilor was pressing to get things over and done with, she was shifting her weight from leg to leg.

"Councilor Tevos, this is Luna Ir'sai, one of our most promising, yet really young children commandos.

Luna once again saluted the councilor, but she just eyed her and turned to Karra.

"Seems like she'll do... at least for now", The councilor said and turned to Luna. "Child, there is a justicar in the citadel. She has just arrived, and I need someone to cater to her needs and make sure she doesn't get into trouble with local law enforcement. Justicars are an important part of Asari culture, but their code does not necesarily go hand in hand with galactic law. So for this, I need someone who won't be afraid to face the Justicar".

One would expect Luna to be appalled by the fact that she seemed to be getting a babysitting job, but her demeanor suddenly changed and she had a smile on her face almost going from ear to ear.

"Oh by the goddess! A Justicar, finally a chance to get close to one! Of course Councilor, you can count on me!", Luna said so over excitedly, so much so that Karra had to wave to her so she would keep her excitement in check.

"Then it is settled, report to Commander Bailey in C-Sec. Karra, please come with me, I need to discuss things with you. Luna, go to the travel module and ask for a taxi to the C-Sec office", the Councilor said and left with Karra who simply waved to Luna as she left.

After some time of simply going around the citadel, Luna finally arrived at the office of Commander Bailey. She went in and saw the commander sitting at his desk.

"Commander Bailey, I am Luna Ir'sai, Asari commando, I'm on orders of the Asari Councilor to accompany the Justicar that has arrived in the city", Luna said.

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