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Originally Posted by Amari View Post
I have a question not in the FAQS:

Single Player:

- How do I change the HP of NPC's?

open the assets0.pk3 of your base folder, using a program such as pakscape. inside that, youll find a subfolder labeled ext_data. open that, and find the npcs.cfg file. when you open the config file, youll find all the parameters of all the npcs in the game.

i believe the line to change HP is:
health X
X being the number of HP. so a regular 100 hp npc has
health 100
but a boss like desann has
health 500

you can fool around with the other parameters to if you want, to change other aspects of the npcs. just be careful to save the original file somewhere else first in case you want to go back to the original default settings, or if you do something that messes up the game or corrupts the file.

Originally Posted by Malkariss View Post
Yeah, I found it. Also, besides that MOD, I dowloaded a MOD that changes my single player character. I don't know where to save them though; I saved them in whatever the default place was and they don't work, either of them. I checked the MOD option on the multiplayer start-up screen and it's blank, neither was my character changed in single player.

if the mod is just a single .pk3 file, put it directly in your base folder and see if that works.
if the mod contains several .pk3 files, youll need to create a new subfolder in your gamedata folder and put all the .pk3 files in that. label it anything, the name of the mod will do. then you should see it in your mods menu, and you should be able to load it.

if all else fails, you can create a batch file and use the line
jk2sp +set fs_game "name-of-mod"
if its a singleplayer mod or
jk2mp +set fs_game "name-of-mod"
if its a multiplayer mod.

make sure that the "name-of-mod" matches exactly the name of the subfolder in your gamedata folder which contains the mod .pk3 files. also, make sure to include the quotation marks in the batch file line.

when youve finished making and saving the batch file, all you have to do is click on it and the game will load directly to the mod, so you wont have to search for it in your mod menu.

Originally Posted by razorace View Post
It was one of the more popular JKO mods. I'm sure you can find it on the JK2 file servers.

i would say the most popular. to this day, i only play JediMod when i play JO multiplayer. once you play the saberist 1.2 extension, there is no going back to JO vanilla
sadly, the saberist 1.2 extension for JediMod is only available on, and they seem to be dying. it seems every other day their site is down, and i dont doubt that it will soon be gone for good.
dont get me wrong, JediMod is a great mod by itself, but if anyone wants the saberist 1.2 extension (which, in my opinion, makes JO multiplayer gameplay good enough to rival jedi academy) just shoot me a pm and we can work something out.

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