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Okay, so I've been trying to use this script:

void main()

     object oPC=GetFirstPC();

	object oNPC = GetObjectByTag("d14ab_dcm"); 

  int iResult = GetLocalBoolean(oNPC, 21);

if ( iResult == FALSE) {

  AddJournalQuestEntry("DT_Q4", 25);


if ( iResult == TRUE) {

  		AddJournalQuestEntry("DT_Q4", 20);
Yet for some reason when iResult is true, the journal entry isn't given. Now this is designed so that no matter what, whichever entry is going to be given it's already higher than the previous entry, thus no need for int bOverrideHigher. Now I tried using the type of script VP suggested on April 2nd, but then neither entry would be given. So, I decided to use the revised format that VP suggested, leading to my script above. Is there something I should change to make my script work?

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