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"I hope you can show me your new moves soon, and I also hope Kai hasn't been putting so much pressure on his sister, otherwise I'll get mad at him."

Hizuni smiled again. "Onii-san said that I should try sparring with other people. I guess he's getting bored of sparring with me. Or maybe he's afraid that I'm finally starting to catch up with him. And besides...compared to the training I was forced to go through with the mage a few months back training with Onii-san has been easy."

"It looks like I'll have to work on your training regiment." Kai muttered under his breath.

Hizuni smiled sweetly at Shana and Kai. "Onii-san...if it's possible do you think I could spar with Hank and Shana at some point? I want to see how strong they are."

Kai sighed. "I would think it would be alright with them but as long as they agree to it you are more than welcome to."
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