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[KOTOR 1] Stops in the middle of "saving" while changing levels in Korriban

Lately, KOTOR has been having problems with changing levels in Korriban. I've noticed this the first time in the Sith Academy, where I could not exit it though the entrance to Dreshdae (exact same thing happened, freezes at exactly the same place). All I did to "fix this" was ignore that exit and just use the other one.

I am now at the Tomb of Naga Sadow, where I have completed my final test and all I can do now is leave. But when I try to, the game also freezes when loading the level. It says "saving" and just stops in about 1/4 through. It doesn't freeze per se - the game doesn't stop responding or anything - the sound is still there and pressing ALT-F4 makes the "do you want to quit?" menu pop up (clickable).

I have tried playing with my graphics settings, using the ATI .dll fix, the ATI kotor.ini fix, running the game in not-widescreen, restarting the game and computer multiple times, none of it helped. I thought disabling autosaving as well (that seemed obvious), but it still keeps "saving" while changing levels!

Here's my "scan hardware" dump (I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64):
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