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Kiraje reached the Dark Star, and to his disappointment, it was closed. "Closed for maintenance", the sign read. Shaking his head, he walked down the busy street and into an elevator. Here we go again., he thought to himself as he heard the elevator music. He wanted nothing more than to burn those damn speakers in the elevator. The music was so annoying, especially if one has been on the Citadel as long as he has. Finally, he reached his destination: C-Sec HQ.

He saw the elderly Commander standing near the wall. Smiling he walked towards him, shaking his hand.

"A pleasure to see you again, Commander.", he said.

"Likewise, sir. We're getting a replacement scanner. Our old one...well...broke", Bailey replied, chuckling.

"Bailey, you have to get out of the office more often. Once the Dark Star reopens tomorrow, drinks are on me.", Kiraje said, lightening up the conversation.

"Sure, sure. Provided the flood of paperwork of a Justicar being here doesn't kill me first. And not just any Justicar, THE Justicar.", Bailey replied.

Kiraje looked to his left to see two asari in the distance, one wearing the armor of a commando - the other wearing full body armor, with a helmet blocking her facial features.

"I see. Well then, have fun with all the red tape.", Kiraje said, sitting in one of the chairs across the room.

"There is one other thing. The Executor would like to talk to you. Don't keep him waiting too long.", Bailey said, sitting back down behind his desk. And now time for all the bureaucratic paperwork., Bailey thought to himself.

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