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Originally Posted by MJ View Post
As much as I love the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, I'm bound to the mac. Since, at the moment, they're only developing PC, that counts me out of the kickstart pledge.

It worries me a bit as well that what, eight months since the announcement, they finally decide to put it on kickstarter... and they've still only got the one room to show for it.
Wrong! See FAQs:

What platforms do you guys intend to support?
OK, had a LONG ASS talk with the programmers and this is what we're able to give you guys with the $500k Kickstarter pledge. Ready? 1) PC 2) Mac 3) iPad 4) Android tablets. Once we surpass our $500k Kickstarter goal we can talk about additional rooms, more girls, Larry getting in to more trouble, and yes, even a version for you hardcore Linux users out there!!
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