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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Actually, to me it isn't nearly as much as it is made out to be. I don't think it is any more so than KOTOR and TSL were.
No, TOR is deliberately styled to look just like the Clone Wars for marketing purposes. K1 (and TSL) had some basic aesthetics that made it recognisable as Star Wars - lightsabers, droids, spaceships and FTL travel, aliens like Wookiees, Twi'leks, etc - but the art style was deliberately different to distinguish it from the movies. There were nods, but it was distinct enough to make it believable that it could be thousands of years before the movies. Of course K1 stepped over these bounds in one instance with the Yoda clone Vandar, and TSL did so by introducing a knock-off Star Destroyer that Nihilus took as his flagship, but those are pretty much the only examples that I can think of.

TOR, on the other hand, is nothing but a string of constant movie and cartoon knockoffs. I'm not sure who's decision that was, but I'm pretty sure LucasArts had a big say in the matter. The Republic troopers are dead ringers for prequel/Clone Wars cartoon Clone Troopers, the Agent pretty much has one of Padme's ships from TPM/AOTC, the Sith Empire uses the OT-era's Empire symbology and text/language (retconning that Palpatine ripped it off I gather), the Empire's capital ships are all OT-era Star Destroyer designs, the military on both sides use all manner of Prequel-esque equipment like the walkers the Clones use and the various droid designs of the Separatists, etc., etc.

The artistic styles are chalk and cheese. If you showed TOR and K1/TSL footage to someone who only knew the movies, I think it's very likely they'd peg TOR as something set in the movie timeline (likely a Clone Wars game) and K1/TSL as Star Wars, but not something they were familiar with.
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