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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
TOR, on the other hand, is nothing but a string of constant movie and cartoon knockoffs. I'm not sure who's decision that was, but I'm pretty sure LucasArts had a big say in the matter. The Republic troopers are dead ringers for prequel/Clone Wars cartoon Clone Troopers, the Agent pretty much has one of Padme's ships from TPM/AOTC, the Sith Empire uses the OT-era's Empire symbology and text/language (retconning that Palpatine ripped it off I gather), the Empire's capital ships are all OT-era Star Destroyer designs, the military on both sides use all manner of Prequel-esque equipment like the walkers the Clones use and the various droid designs of the Separatists, etc., etc.
As others have pointed out, it isn't as if everything is a carbon copy. Actually playing TOR doesn't in any way feel like I'm playing Clone Wars 2.0. For every ship or droid design that is somewhat similar, there are even more that are unique. KOTOR/TSL had this too. Playing myself I am struck by how little similarities there are to the PT, considering all the bitching that went on when the game was in development.

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