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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Most likely not.
Eh? Why not?

All I know is that the SW becomes the new "Emperor's Wrath" and that the emperor informs him/her what happened vs the Jedi Knight. Seems logical to me for this reason, and maybe even a little concern over the whereabouts of the SW's predecessor "Wrath".

Still, I'm open to suggestions where else this matter could go.

This is one of the things that confuses me too.
Any ideas how they'll reconcile it?

Not sure if there is any truth to the wookieepedia page's claim that Malgus "escaped to unknown regions". Still it looks like this isn't the last we've heard from him, either.

Yes, this is true, however we don't know his true fate at the end of The Foundry. There's a good chance he'll return when more story content is made for the game.
Show spoiler

One could wish. I can see where you might say that. It is possible Revan snatched knowledge of the "avatar" ability from Emperor Vitiate and is now on the lamb. Certainly would make sense, pressing on Vitiate's mental undercurrent to survive, as the novel said. Who knows what else Revan could have learned over 300 years?

Or Revan actually died and the future content is of him as a force ghost. Simple enough.

Only time will tell.

Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
I imagine a canon story for each flashpoint will be determined later, like the canon stuff decided for each KotOR and Jedi Academy.
Even so the contradiction still exists unless they decide the canonecity of the imperial storylines all stop on Ilum, since the JK *has* to initially stop the emperor. Or they make the False Emperor flashpoint an optional operation for both; last I checked it's a requirement for all classes on both sides.

As is, Wookieepedia already assumes all Rep class decisions are Light and all Imp class decisions are Dark(even though I think Agent works just as well as Light, like my own Light side Agent).
Fatal alliance seemed to go on this for the imp. agent Ula Vii in their story as well actually. Most interesting perspective of that whole story actually. Well, IMO anyways.

The Rep Revan stuff comes before the Empire Revan stuff, and Revan doesn't die. Apparently he vanishes in a flash of light similar to Rakatan teleportation technology, leaving Revan to survive to fight another day.
See above, last spoilertagged reply to Lynk for another possiblity or two.
I've seen videos in the Revan novel spoiler thread down in the KOTOR regions. Similar to Emperor Vitiate's avatar if I do say so myself, hint hint.
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