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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Eh? Why not?

All I know is that the SW becomes the new "Emperor's Wrath" and that the emperor informs him/her what happened vs the Jedi Knight. Seems logical to me for this reason, and maybe even a little concern over the whereabouts of the SW's predecessor "Wrath".

Still, I'm open to suggestions where else this matter could go.
Think about the kind of game this is, an MMO. They're not going to face one of your own characters with another characters. If this was a single player game on the style of The Force Unleashed where you played two characters on both side of the fence, it would be possible and has happened in similar games where player characters actually do face off at the end. But with TOR, it's never going to happen simply because it's an MMO and the investment people have in their characters would piss A LOT of people off having their two characters fight each other.

Even before that, they'll never have any of your characters meet each other to begin with. |

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