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i know a game isnt made out of a bunch of mods, you dont need to insult my intelligence to get your point across.

first of all, i know the quake 3 engine is old, but it was old when they used it for jedi academy and it still worked pretty well.
secondly, the vast majority of the fan base for the jedi knight games are either modders or people who enjoy using mods, so it wouldnt be a bad idea to use an engine that facilitated modding. in fact, it would be a very good idea.
third, even if the new game doesnt use the q3 engine (i know, by now its so old that it would be much more obsolete than it was when they used it for jka) im sure there would be ways to port mods from jka to jk4. im just saying, even if they dont use the mods i mentioned in particular, they should at least consult the modders, who have proven themselves capable, for ideas.

the mods i listed in the thread post are all really good mods, and like i said, are a lot better than most of what raven put in the game. the people who made them are creative and their ideas would make a new game that much better.

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