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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
It's not doable. Not unless the game uses Quake 3 engine (which it won't, if it ever gets made).
youre right. i guess i didnt mean "port" exactly. i just meant that the ideas in the mods would be good for a new game, even if they had to be completely remade to fit the new engine. my bad. i didnt word that correctly.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
One doesn't need to be a modder to have good ideas. I'm sure people brainstorm a lot of of them when they are about to make a game. However, they have a limited time and budget to make a game. They need to focus on essential things like story, gameplay and level design. They don't have time and money to make as much levels or skins as the modding community did on all these years. We have to be realistic here.
thats a good point, i suppose. i guess i have to agree with you there. raven didnt have time or money to come up with stuff as good as the modders. realistically speaking you cant blame them.
but thats why i was saying that they should ask the modders for rights to their ideas. the numerous mods that have been released are good material, at least for conceptualizing aspects of a new game.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
That's arguable. And even if true, that's because Raven had more important things to focus on. I'm sure a modder could come up with a very good map. But that modder didn't have to create code, story, animations, assets, etc. All of that was given to him already. An unfair and unrealistic comparison.
i agree, the modders have it easier because they are provided with the foundation of an already existing game, but raven had a development team consisting of more than just one person. im sure they had specific people assigned to certain tasks. it was just a few guys sharing all the responsibilities. im just saying raven should use people more like these modders... find more creative mappers, modelers, etc. you know?

this is all assuming there will be a jk4, of course, which is an unlikely possibility anyway, unfortunately.

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