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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
But what I don't understand is, how Kreia wants to use this trait of the Exile to end the Force? And if the bond never really existed between the Exile and Kreia, why did the Exile feel the pain when Sion cut Kreia's hand off? I really don't understand what Kreia achieved by doing what she did with the Exile
In the instance that Sion cuts her hand off, the Exile couldn't possibly be prepared, nor could he/she have known it was going to happen. Where at any other point in the game that the Exile has Kreia in the party, it is obvious from the start that she might be injured, along with it being obvious to Kreia that the Exile might take a few hits(which, in most cases it isn't grievous wounds, but still...). Kreia explains this when you first talk to her aboard the Hawk.

The only instances which might not make sense with this logic, are the one(or two) times which the party is supposed to believe the Exile is dead. Either way, it is likely either Kreia would be able to prepare herself in some way, or in the instance within the Enclave(if that is one of the instances), then, in some way, Kreia was prepared for it to happen, even if the Exile wasn't.

As for her goal, if it can be achieved as such, who knows. For one, the very reason that she wanted to do something like that, is purely because she viewed it like a disease, something that might not kill her, but still something that is going to dictate her actions. Consider that she was a Sith Lord, and a Jedi Master, and that both sides exiled her at some point. Through this, she didn't look at the sides to hate, she looked at what stands at the core of both - the force itself. But that isn't it. Another goal she has, is to dispose of the current Jedi/Sith, so their ideals will fade, as new ones rise to replace them. The reason you have to kill her, even as a Jedi, is because her very nature has her do the things she hates, because she is still part of the Jedi/Sith that she wishes to eliminate.

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