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A link to a link to a link... you could just link to this: which is where it eventually leads...

Also, playing the introduction of a game doesn't really count... after all, you can't really grasp the terribleness of Metroid: Other M (never letting it go) in the introduction, you have to get deeper into the game and experience all of the many layers of terribleness to see just how bad it is. In the end, I played the game 100% back to front just to know for sure how terrible it is and to know for sure that it is the one and only game that I actually HATE.

I don't go after the people who say they don't want to pay fees to play the game, that is completely understandable and I support their position on it. HOWEVER, I do go after the folks who start spouting off specific things in a game they've never actually played. |

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