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I've already made all 8 of my characters and have already come up with my own lore and motivations for all of them.

- Lynk Former, the Vanguard, is basically a representation of me in the game and my only human character.

- Silvana, the Marauder, is the Sith pureblood who would break the mold and follow her own path. She's a lightsider amongst the darkness who doesn't believe in the Jedi ways and doesn't follow the Sith code. She is her own woman making her own path between two distinct sides.

- Priss, the Gunslinger, is unapologetic about her self-serving nature. Due to her upbringing as a Twi'lek, she trusts no one and uses everyone to her own advantage. She doesn't care about you or your revolution, she's in it for the money.

- Fiora, the Operative, a Chiss who believes in the Empire, but has no respect for the Sith and their methods. She believes in true justice, not absolute power.

- Dunban, the Guardian, is a Zabrak who disregards his Jedi teachings and does what he wants. He doesn't hide his hatred for the Sith and he'll do what it takes to destroy them even if it means the Jedi turn against him.

- Zelgius, the Mercenary, is a bloodthirsty cyborg killer and a sadist, he doesn't care much for money unless it can get him a weapon that enables him to kill more. That said, he does have a soft spot for Mako and is probably the only thing that's preventing him from turning into a full blown psychopathic mass murderer... at least for now.

- Micaiah, the Sage, a true Miraluka Jedi to the last who upholds the Jedi code with compassion and grace.

- Ashnard, the Assassin, true to the Sith code despite being a Rattataki normally considered unworthy of becoming Sith, he's uncaring and cold, he takes what he wants and kills who he wants.

I have no need for the legacy systems extra features when it comes to the characters I've created... they are who they are and they're not really all that related. |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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