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Can't argue with that considering my lack of experience with other MMO's, though from the little I've played of other MMO's... I certainly like the story being weaved in TOR throughout the different classes and the fact that it's fully voice acted (though I do get tired of the alien speak here and there... BAH! @ reading). It is a story driven MMO after all and is the biggest selling point BioWare has been pushing for the game since day 1.

Aside from that I never really expected it to be any different from any other MMO from what people have told me about them... Aside from the fact that you can use lightsabers and blasters and stuff, which you could call window dressing, but the different between a blaster and a bow is pretty big for me.

To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for the story element of TOR and the fact that I can finally play a heroic Trooper... I would never have gotten into it... and then the whole Marauder storyline I go to experience was an awesome bonus... and now I'm discovering the hilarity of the smuggler storyline... |

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