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TOR ate my KotOR
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Story is the reason I am playing it. Without the story, I would not have bothered with picking up the game. It will also be the continued story and the different stories that will keep me playing for the long term. What the story has done is introduce to other elements of MMO game play that either I found I enjoy or at least have me curious.

I like playing at my own pace, never thought I would want to play a game with someone else. However, I’m having a blast playing with Lynk. It is made even more enjoyable because he is playing a smuggler (my main toon is a smuggler) and playing with Lynk allows me to see the differences between a lightside and darkside smuggler. I struggle at times keeping up with Lynk as he runs around in all directions, but I’m still having fun. Hoping this is preparing me better for the pacing of HMFP.

Seeing Mav PVPing every night has me curious about at least trying that (just not with my sawbones fragile smuggler).

The story may not keep me involved forever, but it has allowed me to find other reason to play. We are we coming up on four months in and I only have one toon at level 50, so story alone will keep me involved for a long time, especially if they start adding to it.
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