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@ Hassat Hunter: I've just read through your posts on the page you linked... Wow... you complain about the game just as much as the people who love to play the game do... the difference is that the people who love the game complain in the official forums where their complaints are actually addressed by representatives of BioWare, whether they are customer service folks, community managers or the actual developers themselves.

These complaints aren't falling on deaf ears, as best they can, the developers are trying to address as many of the complaints they can and for the most part, they'd doing a pretty good job. Some of the complaints you've had about the game is in fact being fixed in update 1.2, a lot of features regarding pvp is also being refined so that you don't end up facing an army of lv50 pvp geared folks while playing as a lv17 with pve gear.

As for some of your other complaints, some are understandable, some sound a little silly. Well yeah, if the quest giver says that they're having trouble with monsters in a particular area, it seems only natural that the game would get you to kill the monsters in that particular area that the npc told you was being overrun... it just makes sense. Also, some of the complaints you had seemed really odd since I've never actually experienced them myself.

But yeah, there are small things about TOR which annoy me too, I complain about the game quite often as well, though my complaints are mostly posted around other TOR players who have actually gone through the same things I've gone through and understand what I'm talking about through experience. Of course, saying that, I know that a lot of the complaints I have on the game are being addressed because I'm also keeping up with news of the game.

As for the gameplay itself... it does take some getting used to, I was prepared because I bought a logitech g700 gaming mouse and also a g13 gameboard which allows me to have maximum control over my character and their many abilities and customise everything just the way I want it to be with all of the available keys/buttons.

I also had the benefit of playing TOR through beta as well. At first I found the gameplay to be clunky and I had my complaints about it which other more experience MMO players couldn't understand. However through experience I figured out how things worked, set my hotkeys, made all my customisations and now the gameplay is buttery smooth and my toons do exactly what I want them to do and I have control over the camera at all times with great ease.

Trying to get that from a demo isn't going to happen so yeah, it does sound like a pretty horrible experience... maybe BioWare should rethink it's demo strategy to make it friendlier on people trying it out. |

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