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This is a pretty standard design, I've reduced the global size down to 0.9 and kept some of the UI elements in the general area they started. Chatbox and social stuff is still on the top left, companion, party and ops group information will be on the bottom left. I have enabled the target of target parts of the UI for the party elements.

The two main quickbars are still at the bottom center along with the player info and enemy info areas. The enemy info area will disappear if you aren't targeting anything. Once you have an enemy targeted, you'll be able to see their target.

On the bottom right side you have another vertical quickbar as well as your mission log that is rooted from the bottom and not the top like it is in the default UI.

On the top right are the menu options, map and another quickbar for toggles and such. I've also used the space up there for your companion bar if you choose to use that.

This UI is mostly used for PvE and endgame content. It's not tested but I believe it to be a good all-rounder for those two purposes.

Of course, any suggestions and comments are welcome. Try it out and let me know what you think. |

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