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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
I understand that echoes and disturbances occur in the Force when many deaths take place at once or due to mass destruction. But these echoes could be created by Nihilius and the other Sith who were capable of mass destruction. What I don't understand is why Kreia couldn't achieve what she wanted WITHOUT the Exile?
The Exile is an open wound. Where Nihilus might be as well, the idea that she could approach him for such a task is unlikely. But since the Exile is obviously more open to influence, more susceptible to being pointed in the direction Kreia wanted, it makes it somewhat obvious who she would chose.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Also there is a cut scene in which Kreia expresses her disgust for machines and electrocutes T3-M4. What is the significance of this scene in the story
You can't influence a machine, like you can a man. Where it would be easy for her to direct a human or alien to do as she wished, with a machine, she could not. She lacks knowledge on the inner workings of droids and the like, though she might have some base knowledge of piloting, if nothing else. But as to why she would attack T3, is due to the fact that she hates that the Exile would rely on something she cannot completely understand and control. When you obtain her help in learning to read thoughts, she mentions that she cannot hear anything from the droids, where the exile could 'hear' a catch in the hyper-drive, due to he or she having some knowledge of machines.

Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Another thing which comes in my mind is, how did Kreia and T3-M4 reunite and take possession of the Ebon Hawk in the first place?
Kreia says that Revan left "the Hawk and it's machines" behind(presumably on Malachor, though where is anyone's guess). I'd guess that Kreia would've simply found the hawk after she was betrayed by the Sith, and left the planet on it.

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