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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
TSLRCM 1.8 is slowly but surely inching its way to the final release. There is currently an issue - which you as a player - can make your voice heard and help the mod makers push 1.8 out the door.

Two mods have been considered for inclusion in the TSLRCM package: Darth InSidious' G0-T0 Yacht Window Fix (yes we do have permission to include it) and a Robe Fix mod by Varsity Puppet. A link describing the mod by Varsity Puppet will be at the bottom of this post:

Here is the mod maker's quandary: where exactly is the line drawn between "restoration" and cosmetic fixes? Arguments could be made for either side, as that line - depending on your point of view - is a bit vague.

Here's where you come in. (Thanks for hanging in there!)

There's currently a poll over at Deadly Stream where you can help them deicde if one of these mods, both of them, or neither of them should be included in the final pacakge. For simplicity's sake, it has been decided to just have one poll rather than having two polls listed. That being the case, would you consider dropping by and putting in your vote?

Vote for Mod Inclusion Choice (and description of Varsity Puppet's Robe Fix Mod)

Thank you for your attention.

PS: You'll have to be registered on the site to place your vote.
I think that I saw that poll on the site and I opted to not put my 2 cents in on the matter because of the lack of concern towards both mods. Robes dont bug me that much besides the fact that all the special named robes and some special armored robes dont appear at all. I dont think that I've even looked out the window on Goto's Yacht to really notice what anything looks like outside.

I'll take another look at the DS site though and consider signing up and at least putting in a vote.
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