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Heh... Happens to the best of us!

Welcome back! As you can no doubt probably see for yourself, not all that much has really changed around here...

Yesterday looked promising: I got late notification Thursday night that my morning shift on Friday was canceled. Sweet!

But after that, it all went down hill quickly, and all Hell broke loose, so to speak...

I'm glad it got canceled... I had a super ****ty day, overall.

I barely got sleep that night... Every time I dozed off, something happened to wake me up... About once an hour...

I got up yesterday morning to find that my front drivers-side suspension on my car had collapsed. I don't know when or how. I drove it home Thursday night and all seemed fine then.

My car repair shop can't take it until Monday.

Then I was driving home from my girlfriend's place to pick up my mom's car to get to work, when I got stopped by the cops. I was told I was going 29 in a 20 zone. At least it was only a warning this time...

Then mom wasn't even home, and I had to wait a couple of hours for her to get back.

By the time she finally did, I said **** it, and bailed on work.

Friday the 13th??? Hmm...

It's starting to make me a believer...

I stayed in the house from that point on... Doing laundry and playing Skyrim. Figured I might get into less trouble that way.

I have to be at work at 8am this morning though... That sucks. Although I should be through by 3 today...

Even worse, now that I have to use mom's car to get there.

And it looks like all the plans we had to head down the Cape this weekend after I got through with work today will have to be postponed, because my GF's car is also out of commission.

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