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****ing depressed as ****. got in a fight with my ex which caused her to block me from fb, now i can barely get in touch with her, I'm sad cause my car is acting all lame and the place wanted $90 to just look at it which i thought was a ripoff cause i know what is wrong with it it just needs a distributor cap replaced, and i told them that before driving off. i got overdrafted cause paypal took a couple cents out of my account which had nothing in it, so im mad about that. also i broke the window to my car cause i locked keys in it the other day, so that really sucks.

and i got like 3 things for homework that's due...5 page research paper draft is due on monday, i've got to rewrite my current events paper for macroeconomics, and i have 12 problems from my algebra class to work on.

and of course i work all weekend, 5-10 today and 5-10 tomorrow, so limited time to get papers done especially if i want to print them out. mostly depressed cause i miss my ex way too much, it seems like a day does not go by without me constantly thinking about her. i should probably go to that relationship support group at my school but i'd probably end up crying my head off cause it really hurts to talk/think about it, and on top of that i'd probably be the oldest one going to it.

I just wish i could go back and change the past.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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