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The end, having Han use a Jedi mind trick makes no sense at all
Actually Luke uses a jedi mind trick, not Han.

No matter how good a new student is, he would have trouble holding his own against a master. There is an old saw that the best swordsman doesn't fear the second best; he fears the novice that has never held a sword before; no one knows what that idiot might do. Against two, he would have no chance at all. Having Luke (Who has been using the force for less than a week) throwing force lightning is also absurd.
Luke is not an ordinary Jedi. He is thw son of Anakin. Also he was trained by both Ben and Starkiller.

The piece makes little or no sense. It is AU because you say so, but the story does not hold together consistently.
I dont understand this. I had an outline: Training, Death Star, Space fight, Luke's duel with Vader.

Luke is not qualified to be called a Jedi. It's like he's gone through a week of boot camp (Usually eight weeks) and is now claiming to be a trained soldier. Also 'Jedi' is as much an ideal as title. I lambasted the movie A Knight's Tale, where a stable hand pretends to be a knight primarily because it was about as believable. You don't become a knight by saying you are, and the same is true of a Jedi.
Luke was trained by Ben and Starkiller. Okay about Ben, but Starkiller is the Jedi. have you ever seen TFU 1 or 2?

It didn't make sense when Lucas used it in Star Wars, and it doesn't make sense here.
If it made sense with Lucas, why i cant use it? Also, i needed a scene where the pirates idroduced themselves.
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