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i lost progress to the update...i had the mission on Ord Mandrell done except for doing in the last boss Captain in the Imperial station and was working on leveling up to beat him and when i went back in after the update, i had to go back to the beginning of arrival on the planet and do the first holo briefing with the General back on Couruscant. I hope the game did not dump other stats and points, i did not check my level...geez. well just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone else is missing stuff. I may need to ask for help with this boss, he is just as hard as that Sith Lord back at the Jedi Temple, even tho he is only level 16 he is elite and unbeatable...again sigh. well i will see what i can do first. but one gets quickly tired of this forumlae rote level up, and run free for about a hour and then hit another unbeatable boss. I hope it improves as we level up.

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