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Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
Actually Luke uses a jedi mind trick, not Han.
You said Han in the piece, Not Luke

Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
Luke is not an ordinary Jedi. He is thw son of Anakin. Also he was trained by both Ben and Starkiller.
Who his father is wlould be incidental. Just because a top gunfighter has a son does not automatically give the boy the same skills. Reflexes, hand eye coordination, certainly, but a fast draw, or using a sword is muscle memory, and that has to be trained over years, not weeks.

Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
Luke was trained by Ben and Starkiller. Okay about Ben, but Starkiller is the Jedi. have you ever seen TFU 1 or 2?
I do not know what TFU is in reference to.

Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
If it made sense with Lucas, why i cant use it? Also, i needed a scene where the pirates idroduced themselves.
You misread my reply. I said it didn't work logically for Lucas. He did it, but it would have been stupid for someone to announce what the thug did in that loud a voice. You didn't have to have them say out loud 'Hey we're pirates! Join the crew!' You could have had the leader ask if Luke knows his name, but in an intentionally lowered voice. If Luke doesn't know he is a pirate, he can say it again in a soft tone.

In the kind of cantina pirates would hang out in, you have to worry about informewrs, because the police have an idea which bars those are as well. Not to mention listening devices, etc. If you get a chance, see a movie called I Love You to Death, where a pair of unprofessional 'professional killers' leave after bungling their assignment, and are caught within hours because they boasted about it in a bar.


The Dread Pirate Roberts: You have heard of me, haven't you?

Luke Skywalker, head cocked to the side, then shakes it no.

Roberts (Leaning forward and lowering his voice): My crew and I assure that money flows in all directions, from the rich to the poor, or from corporations to the little man.

Luke (As if light is dawning): Ah, you're a smuggler?

Roberts laughs: No, a pirate.

"Luke (almost shouting): A Pirate!

Roberts dives for the floor as blaster fire rips through where he was.Glares at Luke: Great, why not post a bloody billboard?

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